Total Solution Design

What is Total Solution Design?

Total Solution Design® was developed and refined by Federal Proposals using best practices, commercial design standards and 26 years experience in creating winning solutions.

It is a comprehensive approach to solution design and proposal creation based upon applying product design disciplines and ISO 2000 standards to formulating fully-integrated solutions. TSD includes a set of methodologies and tools that facilitate solution design and increase design efficiency. Total Solution Design WILL make you more competitive. Learn more about Total Solution Design. Would your company like online training in Total Solution Design?

Why Total Solution Design?

Government Clients Want the Following From Your Proposal:

  • What will you do?
  • How will you do it?
  • What outcomes will you achieve?
  • Confidence that you will deliver what you propose?
  • Is your price reasonable?

Unfortunately, by long-held formats, they ask for:

  • Technical Approach
  • Management and Staffing Plan
  • Quality Plan
  • Performance Measures
  • Past Performance
  • Cost/Business proposal

Bidders then structure their thinking based upon the RFP requirements and Proposal Teams are structured to the RFP format:

  • Technical
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Performance Measures
  • Pricing

This approach results in proposal faults:

  • Encourages “copy and paste” solution design
  • Inconsistencies between technical, management and support sections
  • Lack of project integration
  • Staffing/skills not matched to technical solution
  • Pricing not matched to technical solution
  • Lack of confidence in bidder’s proposal

Unfortunately, this approach is contrary to the way we actually plan and execute projects; it narrows design thinking and innovation; and it fails to encourage design “champions.”

Want to Learn How Total Solution Design Overcomes These Faults?

That’s our proprietary  advantage that we can employ to make you a winner. We are solution design engineers who are trained to be good writers.  Contact to learn more.