Tools For GWAC Proposal Optimization

Tools for GWAC Proposal Optimization – When Every Point Counts

Federal Proposals has created powerful tools to assist Small Businesses optimize scoring and compliance for GWACs. These tools save hundreds of hours of data accumulation, analysis, scoring optimization and compliance checks, while sharply increasing accuracy. Our current GWAC Tool Set, described below, is for GSA Polaris. We are planning Tool Sets for future GWAC solicitations including Alliant 3, OASIS follow-on, and Services Multi-Agency Contract (SMAC).


Our current tools for the GSA POLARIS solicitation are available now for a one-time Subscriber fee of $2450. You will easily save more than this in reduced proposal staff time – and the improvement in accuracy is priceless, as even one error can reduce your score. The Tool Set is the best insurance policy you can get.

Two POLARIS-specific tools with downloads within 24hrs
Updated tools shortly after RFP release
Updated tools shortly after amendments affecting the tools
Technical support by email through proposal submission and “How to” video
Subscriber Price $2450
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The Need. The CIO SP4 solicitation process has demonstrated the importance of assembling thousands of data elements, evaluating tradeoffs to maximize points , and submitting the proposal documents with 100% accuracy. It takes hundreds of hours and even then mistakes and omissions occur. Federal Proposals’ GSA POLARIS Tool Set provides RFP analysis, identifies potential compliance hurdles, and presents historical information and lessons learned to improve your proposal.

Federal Proposals is preparing similar tool sets for upcoming solicitations. If you would like to be on our email list for new GWAC solicitation products, please complete this short form. You may tell us what future tools you would like to see.

More About the GSA POLARIS Tool Set

This tool set consists of two tools: 1) a MIndManager-powered Analysis and Compliance Assurance Tool, and 2) an Excel-powered Scoring Compliance and Optimization Tool. We know you will find these tools to be time-saving, improve data accuracy and assure compliance. Download POLARIS Tool Set flyer.

GSA POLARIS Analysis and Compliance Assurance Tool

This MindManager™-powered tool provides a graphical user interface to a hierarchical tree view of the RFP and associated documents with drill down to the greatest detail. Beyond the base documents, we insert comments reflecting compliance critical items, scoring-related elements, changes and relevant historical information. The tool can then be used to track progress and as a compliance checklist. View the Polaris Tool in html format.

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GSA POLARIS Scoring and Compliance Optimization Tool

This tool uses the power of Excel™ to establish fixed and conditional relationships among many hundreds of data items to create a powerful analytical tool that accurately maps all of the proposal data to specific RFP criteria and constraints, ensures data accuracy and technical compliance, and alerts to incorrect or missing data. Users laud its accuracy and time-savings.

We know you will find these tools to be time-saving, assure more accurate data and compliance, and a joy to use. Download a video introduction to the Scoring Compliance & Optimization Tool.

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